Friday, 5 July 2013

More Updates from Caister Road

There are now six buses from Ensign that have arrived at Caister Road this week, with three more arriving yesterday; all bound for Essex. These came in the form of two Enviro200s (44596 - EU60 LFS and 44597 - FJ58 YSL) bound for Clacton, and one Enviro400 (33424 - VT59 JPT) which will find home in Basildon. As part of First's new scheme to be involved with local groups, I was again allowed inside the depot and was presented with a few free gifts, such as stationary, a carrier bag and a sun cap. Obviously, as a local group ourselves, I for one am very happy that First have introduced this scheme. It is not yet confirmed whether or not any other buses are due to arrive from Ensign, though it is thought that another Enviro200 AY08EKT may be due soon.

Soon to be in Yarmouth? 30900 - W774 DWX
I was also told some updates regarding bus movements due to the arrival of the X1 Geminis across the Yarmouth and Lowestoft fleet. Six of the B9s are due to moved to Great Yarmouth, with the remaining 11 bound for Lowestoft. The arrival of the 11 in Lowestoft will enable the 2005 ALX400s to be transferred to Ipswich, and the W reg buses are currently planned to move back to Great Yarmouth, to replace to the final 9 step entrance deckers in the fleet. Please note that these plans are subject to change, and withdrawals may take a few months.

In other updates, Yarmouth duo 43480 and 43481 are due to be transferred to Lowestoft shortly, which means that the only Pointers left are the four '05 reg ones that came from Chelmsford.