Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Newmarket Road Accident

Police reopened the A11 Newmarket Road four hours after a collision between a motorcyclist and a van, which happened yesterday at around 11am. Reports suggest that a bus had stopped to let out a mail van from a side road which was turning right; the opposite way to the direction the bus was travelling. The motorcycle, assuming the bus was at a bus stop proceeded to overtake the bus, thus resulting in it crashing into the van which had pulled out past the bus. The rider is in a "serious condition" currently receiving treatment at the N&N for head injuries.
The bus was not directly involved in the collision, but it caused many delays to other services. One operator commented on the disruption.
"Konectbus said there were delays to the park and ride 601, delays and cancellations to park and ride 604 and delays to 6, 6A, X6 and 8’s, with buses diverted onto Ipswich Road." (source: EDP)