Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Anglianbus Updates - Updated

721 has recently transferred to anglianbus from
sister company, konectbus.
Worth noting is that Dan Whiting has pictured recent anglianbus arrival, 721, in the City Centre. The Lolyne has had it's konectbus logo replaced by an anglianbus one, which looks rather odd in konectbus colours!

218 has received a similar treatment, but neither vehicles are expected to receive the new anglianbus livery in the near future.

Worth noting is that anglianbus' official fleetlist has listed 217 as having the new livery. It is currently unknown when she will enter service, or when sister vehicle 216 will have her vinyls applied.

Update: anglianbus have now updated their fleet list, and changed the livery details regarding 217. 217 is not in the new livery. It is, like sister 218, in konectbus livery with anglianbus vinyls. Sorry for the false alarm!