Saturday, 24 August 2013

FirstGreatYarmouth - Depot Visit

30888 sits at the back of Caister Road
Zak and I visited Caister Road yesterday, primarily after a photograph of recent arrival 30888 W743DWX. Whilst there, we were told the current plans with regards to the future Great Yarmouth fleet.

30888 will be sent to Lowestoft to cover the absence of 30887 W742DWX, which is likely to become a permanent member of the Ipswich fleet. Once the the X1 Enviro400's enter service, the five 'W' reg ALX400's will be split between Lowestoft and Yarmouth.

Whilst there, we were informed that FirstGreatYarmouth will be taking on nine of the current X1 Gemini's, once the Enviro400's have entered service. Two of these ex-Excel Gemini's will be used on the X1 shorts alongside Enviro 33423 SN60CAA and Gemini 37562 FJ08FYN. These buses will be painted into the FirstGreatYarmouth livery. The remainder of the Gemini's will be employed on services 1, 1A and 8.

20514 and 20515 seen together at Norwich Bus Station
back in April.
Because of the new buses on the X1 shorts, Paragons 20514 WV02EUP and 20515 WV02EUR will be withdrawn and sent elsewhere within FirstGroup.

Once the Gemini's have entered service at Yarmouth, all nine of Yarmouth's Olympians will be withdrawn for scrap.

The paintwork at Caister Road is currently looking
a bit tired.
Now onto some news about the depot itself. As part of First's Better Journeys for Life campaign, refurbishing work has begun at Caister Road. The front exterior will be given a full face lift which has already begun with the flower beds at the bottom of the pillars receiving a new lick of paint and is now free of weeds, as is the front to the office building. The current plan is to entirely repaint the pillars into their former cream colour, and to repaint the three features above each doorway to the garage; again in the same colours as they are now.

First also continue to support the Blind Awareness campaign and will be holding an open day where passengers will be taught how to hail and use a bus if they have difficulties with their vision and will also have the opportunity to swap with a bus driver to enable the drivers to see what its like to use buses without vision.

Thanks to First for the continious updates.