Sunday, 18 August 2013

FirstNorwich repaint news

We have heard reports from First that it is Norwich's turn to begin to receive the long awaited new livery. On the 26th of January last year, First Group Plc launched their new scheme entitled "Better Journeys for Life". Here is an extract from an article on the Passenger Transport website, published on the release of the new scheme: 

33003 - Could this be the first bus in the Norwich
fleet to wear the new colours?
"The new livery will have a standard template, however, there will be flexibility for local teams to customize certain areas of the vehicle’s exterior to prominently show town and city names or route specific identities – fitting in with the group’s desire to provide local services for local communities. New vehicles coming into the fleet in 2012/13 will feature not only the new livery but a range of internal changes, including redesigned interiors and leather seats."

First's nationwide repainting scheme is due to finish in 2017. This gives them four more years to have every single bus in the fleet in the refreshed livery.

Norfolk and Suffolk have already been introduced to the new local livery, with several buses in Lowestoft, Ipswich and more recently Great Yarmouth have been given the refreshed paint job. FirstNorwich state that they hope that the first buses to be given the new look will be the Presidents that work the Purple Line; most commonly seen on the 36 or 37 with an odd but rare appearance on the 38. Repaints should commence from the second half of September.

Thanks to FirstNorwich for letting us know.