Friday, 30 August 2013

Fleet Focus ~ K435OKH

K435OKH with Simonds 2004
Another in the Fleet focus series, this week looking at K435OKH, which spent most of its life in East Anglia.

She was new to Metroline in 1993 and was later sold to Simonds in around 2000 where she carried the cherished registration 8333 UR and ran services mainly in Diss and Bury St Edmunds.

K435OKH with Amza in 2008
In 2008 she was acquired by Amza / Travel Royall in Beighton where she was reverted back to her original reg, K435OKH and kept her Simonds livery except the Simonds logo. With Amza she ran Thorpe St Andrew and Acle High School Duties, as well as services into Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Wroxham. 

 Later in 2008, Amza painted a blue skirt on to her to make her look like fellow Amza bus R334RCJ, however she still maintained the “CountryLink” logo and the leaves livery from Simonds.

In 2009 she met her end, when Swift acquired the Amza bus company, Swift originally planned to keep her, however she suffered an extremely serious mechanical failure while making her way to her new home in Great Yarmouth, which forced Swift to the decision to sell her for scrap.

Apologies for the low quality pictures used in this post, but they are the only pictures available of her showing her interesting livery.

Many Thanks to David Beardmore for supplying the first picture used in this post.