Monday, 19 August 2013

Fleet Focus - WX55TZU

The first post in our brand new series, Fleet Focus. Today we're looking at FirstNorwich WX55TZU, a bus with a more exciting history than you might have thought!
Copyright (C) ABB
Something many don't realise is that 66957 started life in Great Yarmouth! She was often used on service 8, with the occasional outing on Eastern Counties highest profile route, the X1 Excel.

Copyright (C) Gadget50 on Flickr
She was then transferred to Norwich, where she was dressed in a Bennett's advert wrap. This photo shows her working the 24 back in February 2007.

I can vaguely remember riding the 'Bennetts bus' as a kid. I believe it was the first Firstbus I ever rode!

After having her Bennett's wrap removed in April 2011, a Co-Operative food stores advert was applied. A similar advert also featured on First Ipswich's 69432. Enthusiasts and public alike affectionately nicknamed 66957 the 'co-op bus', and to be honest, you can see why!

Copyright (C) Zak Nelson
She wore the Co-Op wrap for two years, before Kieran, Zak and I were on hand to witness the unexpected emergence of 66957 from Vulcan Road finally wrap-free in April 2013.

Thanks to Gadget50 and Andy's Bus Blog for kindly allowing me to use their pictures on this post.