Sunday, 4 August 2013

Konect and Anglian updates

Previously unreported on the blog was the prescence of 550 on the A47. The bus is branded for the 588 route (Norwich - Halesworth) which is the reason that it is rather strange that it should feature on the A47. Especially as there was an unbranded bus, 552, on the 588 that day!

Meanwhile, 414 (YJ55BLX) arrived at konectbus on Friday ready to be sent to Full Circle for a repaint. Coming back from Full Circle also on Friday, was 302 (AU08DKL) resplendent in her konectbus paintjob. She only left the depot earlier this week so we're rather surprised at her quick return. Also on the repaints front, anglian's 216 emerged from the paintshop at Carcom in Beccles yesterday. She has not yet entered service.