Friday, 9 August 2013

More anglian and konect changes...

As September the second draws ever nearer, changes are beginning to become more apparent with more fleet movements taking place across the two companies. A new version of anglian's pdf fleet list was released, dated the 1st August which states that their four remaining ALX400s have been delicenced. These have been confirmed withdrawn and will make their way over to Ensignbus where their life will be extended. 910 (MX58XDB) has also left the fleet, seen earlier this week in the Chambers yard, it will be repainted and see service with the Suffolk operator.

Anglian's  414 (YJ55BLX) arrived at konectbus earlier this week as did 303 (AU08DKN), with the latter now at Full Circle being repainted. 302 (AU08DKL) arrived back at Dereham from the paintshop last week and we now have the first photo of her in her konectbus livery. 

It has been confirmed that the fleet changes will continue, with 415 (YJ06FZK) and now 304 (MX58KYV) both expected to move to konectbus before the new network commences and 217 expected to be with anglian very soon. All of anglian's Excels are expected to be based at Beccles due to the fact that GoAhead want the company's newer buses operating in and into Norwich, which will cause some depot allocations to change soon.

Anglian's number 7 route which will run from Norwich to Great Yarmouth with occasional continuations onto Gorleston is planned to be rebranded as 'anglianexpress' in order to carry a higher profile to compete with First's X1. The service should be ran by MAN EcoCitys.

Anglian's fleet size has reduced by over 20 in the last three months since we were made aware that Julian Patterson was taking over as the Managing Director. Many of you are expecting new buses or other vehicles to be transferred from other GoAhead subsidiaries to replace them however at the moment this is unlikely. Thanks to the planned new network and timetable revamp, along with the withdrawal of the 146, the operations at anglianbus will be a lot more efficient and therefore less buses will be required to operate the routes. This means that at the current moment in time, no buses are due to arrive in the near future. There have been no confirmed plans of new buses for konect either, but they are hoping to replace their older fleet name style with the newer one more rapidly from now.

Just a little sliver of hope that some new buses may arrive soon is that GoAhead London's route 11 will be operated fully by Borismasters by September 21st. This will free up a good number of Wright Geminis that can be sent out across the GoAhead companies which means any could end up anywhere! Please note this idea is purely my own and I am not in any way shape or form suggesting that these buses will end up in the area. It is just an observation.