Monday, 26 August 2013

NBP Notice

A message from Former NBP Admin Kieran, who is leaving as Editor on the blog:
"Due to a decreasing interest in the bus industry, the decision has been made that I will no longer remain an admin here on Norwich Bus Page. It's come to an unfortunate end, however, due to personal reasons and being ever more verbally abused, if you like, by members of the public and certain drivers alike, my interest has decreased. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported me during the time I've been an enthusiast, including some special mentions to Joe, Zak and Sam from here, Joe Wilson one of the many amazing contributors who I've made good friendships with, Chris Speed at First and Steve Royal at KonectBus for all their support, answered questions and friendliness during the time. But generally, I could thank everyone who ever read the blog during my time as an admin. I'd like to thank Joe for giving me the opportunity to blog and see the site grow and grow, and I'll still
check back to see what can only get better and better. My flickr will remain active, so if feel free to head over and peep at them, but I'll still be favouriting yours for a while.
Thanks again to all"
- Kieran Smith