Thursday, 22 August 2013

Norse Update

Andrew Quinsee has just sent me the Official Norse Fleet List for September this year, and it seems a lot has changed!

First of all, Norse have opened a new depot in King's Lynn. This means that there are now less buses in Norwich, and that Setchey depot has been closed. King's Lynn's fleet comprises of fourteen Dennis Javelin Caetano Cutlass's, many of which came from Norwich. Norwich now only has eight.
Norse's bus fleet have undergone no changes.

New vehicles to the coach fleet are 7179 LB52UYK, a Volvo B12M Plaxton Paragon based at Aylsham, and 7180 YP52KRZ also a B12M Paragon, based at Norwich.

The Park & Ride fleet remains no different, with the exception that 7165 PN03UMA is now back on the road, following nearly 10 weeks of repairs.

7101, 7102 and 7123 have been withdrawn.