Friday, 30 August 2013

Where are they now? ~ AU54ENY

(C) Gary Steel
Another in the "Where are they now?" series, only this time looking at former anglianbus Optare Solos AU54ENY.

Anglian Bus originally listed these Solos for disposal in June 2013 as part of a clean up of buses that Anglian Bus no longer needed when the new network is put in to action.

AU54ENY was new to Anglian Bus in 2004 given fleet number 308 and  mainly ran from the Beccles depot. One of the first services she ran was the old 711 route, aka the Broads hopper. Then she went on to run Norwich services. In early 2013 she was painted into the newer Anglian swirls livery one of the last to be repainted out of the old stripes livery. In her last weeks at Anglian she received the fleet number 1112 which meant she was earmarked for disposal.

She can now be found in Yorkshire with the independent Harrogate Coach Travel / Connexions buses, where they run tendered local bus services.