Saturday, 14 September 2013

AU07DXX and MX58KYV Back In Service

37160 is now back on the road following a repaint into the new livery.

Unlike sisters 37157/8, who had the front fleet number applied on the bottom right hand side of the destination display, 160 has had hers applied just above the indicator on the right hand side of my picture. Unfortunately, the vinyls are white, so it's very hard to see.

37156 is estimated to be at Full Circle now.

Also of interest today was the unusual allocation of Red Line Trident 33244 on Yellow Line service 28 and 28A. This was particularly interesting, as a Norwich Network spare bus was working on the Red Line.
Recent anglianbus transfer 304 was noted on the 5 today. Unfortunately it looks like konect will have to alter the destination display on this particular vehicle, as the bottom line of text is only just recogniseable.