Wednesday, 4 September 2013

An hour in Yarmouth

It appears, that despite the fact that sister 218 has been dressed with anglianbus logos on top of her konectbus livery, 217 is still wearing konect's vinyls.

A terrible shot of 217 as she darts along Lowestoft Road.
But nevertheless, it's better than nothing!
Having caught up with 216, 218 and 229 on Monday, I set about trying to find the last remaining anglianbus Optare Excel I had left to photograph. Having spent an hour at Market Gates with no luck, I got back into the car and headed home for Norwich. Typically, 217 chose this as her moment to show herself, and pulled in front of my car, providing no decent angle for a photograph. It was then that I noticed that she was still wearing konectbus vinyls!

Due to the fact I was moreless desperate for a photograph, I snapped this shot of her heading out of the market town in the general direction of Lowestoft. Unfortunately, the Optare Excel's aren't fitted with rear destination screens, so I couldn't tell which service she was on.

However, it wasn't all bad, as my hour in Yarmouth enabled me to take some pictures of other buses in and around the town.

On the new anglianexpress 7 was OmniLink 454, one of five Scanias bought new in 2011. It will be interesting to see if a special anglianexpress livery is rolled out for the 7, but lets wait until the ex-konect buses are repainted before we worry about that!

I also caught Sanders 306 having a lunch break
opposite Nelson's Column on the industrial estate. I assume she came off the 1022 service 6 from North Walsham. Note the open engine flap at the back, which is only just visible in this shot.

All in all not a bad morning, but until I catch a decent shot of the elusive 217, my quest continues.

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