Wednesday, 25 September 2013

FirstNorwich - A day of odd allocations!

As usual, regular contributor Dan Whiting spent a few hours in Norwich yesterday and observed one or two very odd allocations!

Usually, when a Blue Line Gemini is poorly, a generic one steps in, but this wasn't the case. First employed a Plaxton President on the service. This on it's own would be classed as a rare allocation, let alone the fact it was a Pink Line branded one!

Further along in Dan's photostream I saw that Blue Line bus 36175 BD11CFZ was on Green Line service 15! I believe I am right in saying it is not unheard of to have a Blue Line vehicle on the 15, but nevertheless, a rarity.
It was then that I realised that Green Line bus 66345 MV02VCY had operated Yellow Line 28A earlier that evening! What a palava!

A Pink Line bus also worked an evening Yellow 28 service, however that is a usual weekday working.

Dan also informed me that he had observed konectbus 727 W727NNJ working the Sheringham Express 2, a route usually dominated by Enviro400's and Optare Tempo's.

I have also noticed that the new window branding on 36180 features text much smaller than all other spare vehicles.


© Dan Whiting