Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fleet Update ~ anglianbus/konectbus

anglianbus 217 W217PRB was transferred from sister company konectbus, within a similar time period that konect's other Excel's were. 216 W216PRB, 218 W218PRB and 229 X229WRA were all given an anglianbus identity in one way or another, but 217 kept her livery and her konectbus fleetnames. I have had confirmation that 217 arrived back at Dereham yesterday, on a permanent basis and will join sister vehicle 219 W219PRB that is also now expected to remain there.
Meanwhile, anglianbus Tempo 415 YJ06FZK still remains in service. Here it is pictured working the 53 from Tuckswood to Wroxham last week. It was also noted on the 68 from Rackheath to Great Yarmouth Colleges this morning, lacking a ticket machine. A sign that she may soon be transferred.

This morning, anglian were operating another  Wright Streetliteon the 83 from Harleston to Norwich. MX12DYM has seen service with Paul S Wilson, and received the relevant livery with route branding for the 63, however now she is in the plain white livery that suggests it has been acquired by Mistral for loan.