Thursday, 26 September 2013

Larger Buses on the 84

Ahead of anglian's service changes that commenced on the 2nd of this month, it was announced that they will be withdrawing the 'relief' bus from Hempnall to Norwich at 0740 on weekday mornings. Two Solos used to run one in front of the other due to the amount of people that board in the mornings. To make up for this, anglian announced that a larger bus would be operating instead. This larger bus has mainly been a Wright Streetlite WF 9.5 which only has about five more seats than the regular Solo. This resulted in a total of nine people standing yesterday, with every single seat available full. 

So you can tell I was rather pleased and excited that at 1535 yesterday afternoon, Scania OmniCity 459 YN05HFJ glided into the bus station with 84 adjourned on the destination screen. Again, this bus only has a couple more seats than the Streetlites; but thanks to the fact that you can reach the back seats withouth climbing any steps, it has a lot more standee capacity. 

However the OmniCity is 9ft10 tall and the 84 passes under a 10ft3 low bridge. This small margin for error is deemed unsafe and we were diverted through Trowse. I have heard reports that today was not the first day an OmniCity has made an appearance on the route, and it may become a more common sight, to the delight of the Harleston bound passengers.