Tuesday, 24 September 2013

NBP Update

Dear Blog readers,

It is with some sadness that I make this announce that I will be leaving the Norwich Bus Page from today. I started the blog in 2011 reporting my sightings and local fleet news, it has been great watching the blog turn in to what it is today which is also credit to my fellow NBP admins.
This decision is not something I have took lightly, but its just a matter of having very little time for work, Family life, College, etc. But don’t worry I can still be found uploading the occasional pic to Flickr!
I would like to take this opportunity say a big thanks to everyone who has supported and read the blog through my time of writing on here. And I wish my mates Zak and Sam the best of luck with the blog in the future.
Best wishes,

(P.S This means the email addresses, enquiries.nbp & joseph.nbp have been withdrawn.)