Monday, 23 September 2013

CORRECTED ~ The X1 Geminis - Repainting Plan

Many of you have contacted us to ask what the situation with the repainting of the 58 reg Geminis is. Of course, you would be forgiving for expecting them to all be repainted by the time the Enviro400s enter service, but that isn't going to be the case.

AU05MVA, a bus due for transfer to Ipswich later this year
The Gemini's that go to Lowestoft will be repainted after their arrival there. This means they will be gradually introduced into service over a period of around two months. Once the first two Gemini's have entered service with Lowestoft, Olympians 34155 P655UFB and 34156 P656UFB will be withdrawn for scrap. Once all nine Gemini's are in service, the five X2 buses will be debranded and sent to Ipswich.

In Yarmouth, a similar process will occur, with the Gemini's being gradually phased into service. Eight of them will enter service in the new First livery to replace the remaining step entrance vehicles. These include the Olympians, and Paragons 20514 WV02EUP and 20515 WV02EUR.

For referance, Lowestoft will now be transferred NINE of the buses (37563-37571) whereas Yarmouth will be transferred the remaining eight (37572 - 37579).

Whilst on the subject of Yarmouth, local enthusiast Cameron Robinson has founded a Yarmouth Bus Page. The site is set to report on local bus activity in the Yarmouth area. It can be found here.