Monday, 9 September 2013

Where are they now? ~ AU54 EOA

We have previously incorrectly reported that ex-anglianbus 1111 AU54EOA had been bought by Harrogate Travel, along with 1112 AU54ENY. I have now been kindly send a photography by Luke Braham of her operating with Star Travel of Ayelsbury, in Buckinghamshire and the post in question has been amended.
© Luke Braham
1111 was new to Anglian in 2004 with fleet number 307, once again also running from the Beccles depot. In 2010 she was converted to run on BioMethane, so she was half powered by traditional fuel and half Gas, although in recent years she ran purely on diesel. She wore a unique anglianbus livery saying "AnglianBus has gone green....". In her later years at Anglian she received the four digit fleet number.

Since arriving at Star Travel, or sometime imbetween, she has had her biomethane converter removed as it no longer seemed to be working. Now she just looks like a regular M780 Solo and still retains her anglianbus livery; much like sister 1112.