Monday, 16 September 2013

X1 Gemini allocations confirmed

36180 on loan from Norwich on the X1 to Peterborough
earlier today in Great Yarmouth
Gerard, over on the X1 Blog has reported the expected future allocations of the current X1 fleet, consisting of Volvo B7TL and B9TL Wright Eclipse Geminis. The B7s (37156-60) will be the first to be replaced and will head over to FirstPotteries. Seven of the B9s will be allocated to Lowestoft for use on the X2 (37563-69) and the remaining ten (37570-79) will be sent to nearby Great Yarmouth for use on the 1s, X1 shorts and the occasional 8.

The new buses are expected to enter service in groups of five. More information can be found on the X1 Blog.

For reference, here is a detailed list of the allocations.

FirstPotteries (Newcastle-Under-Lyme)

37156 AU07DXS
37157 AU07DXT
37158 AU07DXV
37159 AU07DXW
37160 AU07DXX

FirstEastern Counties (Lowestoft)

37563 AU58ECA
37564 AU58ECC
37565 AU58ECD
37566 AU58ECE
37567 AU58ECF
37568 AU58ECJ
37569 AU58ECN

FirstEastern Counties (Great Yarmouth)

37570 AU58ECT
37571 AU58ECV
37572 AU58ECW
37573 AU58ECX
37574 AU58ECY
37575 AU58ECZ
37576 AU58EDC
37577 AU58EDF
37578 AU58EDJ
37579 AU58EDK