Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fleet Update - anglianbus

anglianbus updated their pdf fleet list yesterday, and upon inspection, it answers many of my questions that I was wondering about after Sam and I's last visit on Saturday. Our main concerns were that 218 W218PRB was sat at the back of the yard amongst the withdrawn scrap with a yellow steering wheel cover saying "DO NOT START. DO NOT MOVE." Similar to those present on the rest of the scrap stock. 218 is now featured at the bottom of the fleet list as 'declicenced' alongside 909 YJ51XSM. 955 YN57HPZ has not been in service for nearly two years and is now listed as 'cannabalised'. For this reason, it will not re-enter service. All the buses that are displayed at the bottom of anglian's fleet list are not displayed at all on our own list as they are not active members of the fleet.

955 with no engine on Saturday

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