Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fleet Update - Dolphin Travel and FirstNorwich

Dolphin Travel's Mercedes O814D Plaxton Beaver 2, D15 SFC has now gained fleet livery. The company bought her earlier this year, when they won the Ringland - Taverham High School contract from Peoplemovers. The bus operated in a yellow livery, as pictured here, until last Monday, when I noted her working the contract in a plain white livery. On Thursday morning she was noted wearing Dolphin vinyls. Keep an eye on my Flickr for a photo.

Also in the Taverham area, FirstNorwich Yellow Line Trident 33056 LN51GKP has been rebranded at the front. The bus has been missing branding for around six months. First have said that they will endeavor to keep replacing branding as required, as nearly one sixth of the deckers are now missing parts.
33056 before the branding was originally removed


  1. I notice the branding around the bottom of the upper deck windows like the E400's., Is it now First's policy to hinder views from the upper deck? There will be even more grubby kid's feet on seats thasn there is now if they can't see out of the windows.

  2. Hi Steve, the branding in Norwich appears to be slightly thinner than that on the new X1 buses. If this is not the case then the seats must be higher as Norwich have received no complaints to date about restricted vision. Kings Lynn have however, and a solution is being looked into

  3. Excellent - will be interesting to see how that devlops. Thanks, Zak


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