Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Sightings

 I ventured up to Great Yarmouth today to see if I could spot a Lowestoft ALX400 on the 1. A Lowestoft bus is allocated to one turn on a Sunday. Unfortunately, today it was allocated to a Dart, 43463 R463CAH. I was disappointed and was about to turn home when I noticed 37575 AU58ECZ already in service on the X1 shorts.

I'm glad I waited because this meant that I missed the 7 back to Norwich and had to catch the X1 instead. My patience was rewarded when Enviro400 33807 YX63LJN turned up from Caister Road depot to work the 1247 X1 short. The depot informed me that this is not a regular occurance however Gerard over on the X1 Blog tells me that this particular turn is allocated to an Enviro on every Sunday, where upon return to Yarmouth it travels light to work the 15:30 to Peterborough, and the 20:05 back to JPH respectively. He also mentioned that an Enviro is allocated to a lunchtime Lowestoft town service, 101 on Sundays. However this week, this did not happen.

On the subject of X1, reader Clifford reports the ex-X1 Geminis 37156 AU07DXS and 37158 AU07DXV have entered service with FirstPotteries. The buses are still lacking any Potteries and First identification, apart from the legal lettering. His photo of 37156 is reproduced here, with his permission.

Nearer to home, Yarmouth Presidents 32203 LT52WTJ and 32211 LT52WTU left Caister Road bound for Norwich at around seven this morning.


  1. Spotted 4 Geminis yesterday, coincidentally 3 of them were in sequence and appeared in order. In between and preventing perfection was the fourth. 37573, 37574 and 37575 all appeared. In between the latter two, 37562 turned up! Today saw two buses on the shorts, 20514 and 60813. John

  2. thats a good bit of spotting John! Thank you :D


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