Thursday, 28 November 2013

Anglian and Konect service revisions

As of January 5th next year, there are to be some notable changes to some of the services that operate in and around Norwich with anglian and konect.
Here is a short summary of the main changes; the full summary (including other service timetable changes) can be found on konect's and anglian's websites.

This service will oeprate at a new frequency of up to every 20 minutes between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, as well as connections (no change of bus required!) to Gorleston, Lowestoft, Kessingland and Southwold with service 61. Acle will now be served whilst previous service konectbus 52 now starts from Blofield Heath.

Gertrude Road – City Centre – Eaton Park
This service will be operated by konectbus. The current half hourly service to Gertrude Road will remain but Eaton Park will be served hourly. The Avenues will be covered by a new revised konectbus service 9.
906 MX53FDO on the 50 to Gertrude Road
South Walsham – City Centre - Eaton
This service will be operated by konectbus between Pilson Green and City Centre only. The frequency beyond Little Plumstead will be reduced. Eaton will be served by a new revised konectbus service 52.
Blofield Heath - Brundall - Norwich - Eaton
Part of this service was previously operated by anglianbus. A revised timetable will operate commencing at Blofield Heath instead of Acle. Acle will be served by a new and improved anglianexpress 7 whilst the Cringleford section of the route will be served by the new konectbus service 50A.  
Soon to be no more. A blue bus in Acle is set to be a memory...

Southwold – Kessingland – Lowestoft – Gorleston - Great Yarmouth
Most services will now link in with anglianexpress service 7 at Yarmouth providing through journey opportunities to/from Norwich up to every 20 minutes. Other minor changes to the timetable and revised Sunday times will be in place.

On the enthusiast side of things, There will be a few fleet movements to enable Konect to take on the extra services. Anglian 950 AU07KMM, 951 AU07KMK, 952 AO57BDY and 953 YN57HPX will be transferred to Dereham and painted blue in time for the the service changes. Konectbus 900 VX51RHZ and 901 VX51RJZ will not be transferred to other GoAhead subsidary Hedingham Buses, and will be staying at konectbus.

Thanks to Konectbus for the information.


  1. Question - has Mr Eden reworked the Anglian timetables because he screwed up big time with them in September or because he's trying to ruin the company? Ask the drivers what they think.

  2. I believe most of the timetables will be changed from January 5th

  3. The konectbus 51 timetable is a joke!

  4. Could you make contact with Steve Royal (operations manager at konectbus) to discuss any issues or ideas you might have

    1. The first comment is mine, not the second. I'm not interested in konect. My anger is directed at the new Anglian management who are screwing up a once proud company which was run with efficiency and is now a shambles. I am not clueless, I know exactly what is going on.

  5. WHAT!? This is a joke right?! The 23 / 999 / 50, 50A has been unchanged for years because it works!

    Eaton - give up! Pull out! Your poor reliability has already handed this route to first.

    the management are beyond incompetent

  6. either way, the management team are the same so if you have any issues or ideas, contact him direct rather than slagging them off on social media, thank you

  7. We are talking about the same Anglian that are curently linking up a lot of their routes to guarantee connections? OK if something goes wrong it has a knock on effect to other routes but then it always does anyway. I am a great fan of Anglian, even if they made an almighty cock up with the 164 publicity and planning last year. I think most of their fleet is second to none around here, and from what I hear talking to the drivers Mr Eden has turned things around, and whereas a few months ago his name was mud they now talk about hm with repect and a degree of recognition.


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