Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Boris visits Ipswich!

Although we are officially called Norwich Bus Page, I do occasionally head out to Ipswich to check whats going on and to keep up to date with the local vehicle movements. This week saw a perfectly timed excuse to head south as Ipswich Buses currently have a brand new Metroline Borismaster New Bus For London on loan. LT100 LTZ1100 has not yet seen service in London and had only driven 90 miles upon its arrival at the depot on Constantine Road last week.

Ipswich was run amock with enthusiasts from all over the region and some from further afield; all jumping at the chance to photograph and ride this London bus outside of its natural habitat. Above, I decided to photograph it in a more rural(ish) setting, seen here on Constantine Road outside Endeavour House. Below, the near side is seen showing off all three doors outside the recently refurbished Tower Ramparts bus station. All three doors were being used today.

If you are lucky enough to be able to photograph or even ride the bus, we'd love to hear your stories! Email zak.nbp@gmail.com with your pictures and words to feature on the blog. Credit will be given but anonymity will be respected.

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  1. im goin to ipswich thursday to picture it and ride it i will email you my pictures


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