Friday, 1 November 2013

Fleet Update ~ First

It's been a while since we updated you on First's fleet in Norfolk and Suffolk and quite a bit has happened. We'll start in Ipswich where there are now only three Park & Ride buses left to be painted. These are 69423 AU58FFK, 69424 AU58FFL and 69428 AU58FFP. Ipswich Buses take over the contract on Monday with a fleet of 2008 registered Optare Versa's from Nottingham City transport. This will cause a small fleet cascade with the oldest memebers of Ipswich's fleet expected to be transferred to Clacton for further use.

Meanwhile in Lowestoft, there are now four ex-X1 Geminis in service; the latest being 37563 AU58ECA which entered service today alongside 37566 AU58ECE, 37568 AU58ECJ and plain branded 37570 AU58ECT.
37563 departs Beccles for Norwich this afternoon

Two out of the five X2 branded ALX400's have left the fleet, with 32652 AU05MUP now working in Ipswich, and 32654 AU05MUW in service in Colchester. The remaining three in Lowestoft are expected to join her sister 32654 in Essex.

In Great Yarmouth, 33423 SN60CAA remains employed with Kings Lynn on the full X1 route. On the Gemini front, the fourth returned today in the form of 37572 AU58ECW and was noted at the depot this afternoon undergoing safety checks. Another addition to the Yarmouth fleet is ALX400 30888 W743DWX which was originally bound for Lowestoft. She was noted on service 1 today, and Bernard Matthews contact yesterday and has been confirmed a permanent member of the fleet. Olympian 34112 W432CWX has been withdrawn.

It's all been fairly quiet in Norwich as usual, but I heard reports that a bright pink bus had been spotted in the city and so I headed out today in the hope I would spot it. After an hour and a half of waiting, I was rewarded with a bright glisten of pink in the sunshine as ex-Coop wrap bus 66957 WX55TZU came round the roundabout wearing a new wrap advertising the supermarket. One thing to note is that the windows have been left unwrapped due to a general consensus of dislike towards wrapped windows. Also to note, Ipswich training coach 20122 P732NVG has been relocated to Norwich.

66957 showing off her bright pink body work


  1. zak thanks for informative update its much appreciated

  2. Just noted that I saw 32203 and 32211 today in Norwich. Neither have Norwich network on the sides or anything indicating that they are cared for by Norwich depot like other members of Norwich's fleet. John

  3. Cheers John, we reported on this when they were first transferred a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for letting us know :)


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