Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Reliving Memories

This has been bought to my attention by a couple of enthusiasts recently and I myself had caught a glimpse of it but before I managed to photograph the anomaly, a week had passed. I ventured up to Beccles after working out which duty anglianbus 216 W216PRB would be working and thanks to my ingenuity I was rewarded at around ten to twelve this morning. 

The anomaly in question is the use of two side panels from withdrawn sister 218 W218PRB to repair some damage to 216, which nearly brings her back to her former days of glory in blue.

    This has already caused some people to think that anglian have changed their livery yet again!


  1. I saw a similar discussion yesterday after i posted a very similar picture on my blog. Thanks for the credit, Zac.

  2. I don't get why Anglian didn't keep the old livery or use the new livery on all buses. Instead of confusing people while using 3 livery's; the old one, the new one and the Konect livery with Anglian names.

  3. Steve, I have been having this discussion since I first saw the bus but have only now got round to taking a photograph of it.

  4. The new livery will probably be continued on all new purchases but at this time I think there will be a period of consolidation as in we work with what we got type thing. Can't forsee any new stuff on the horizon. What you have to see is that although outwardly individual both are group entities and as such still answer to central (been there got the shirt)

  5. I have been advised that the rest of the fleet will be repainted but it will take time. I do know when the next one is planned to go but cannot release this information at this time


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