Thursday, 12 December 2013

Buses to The Royal Norfolk Showground 2013

Looking back through my pictures of 2013 I noticed the wide variety of buses used by First and Konect. This year saw both companies running regular services to and from the showground, Konect had the number 4, and First had the number 100. The 4 ran every thirty minutes to the show in the mornings, and every thirty minutes back in the afternoons where-as the 100 ran up to every fifteen minutes to and from the show all day long.

On the 100 First were mainly using their Wright Eclipse Gemini 2’s and their heritage Routemaster 39480 JJD480D where as Konect had a wider variety of vehicles out; including Optare Excells, Tempos, Enviro 400’s, Tridents and the bendy Citaros.

I ended up skating all the way across Norwich to picture 39480 as it was the first Routemaster I had seen; it is normally used in Great Yarmouth on their number 3 between Vauxhall Holiday Park and Hemsby during the summer season.

These workings created some unusual allocations on the companies other routes. First had a lot of single deckers on the Blue line which caused many of them to be over crowded and some passengers having wait for the next one as they were full to breaking point. Konect had an Enviro400 operating on the 9 and an Optare Tempo on the 3/6.

Overall, for Enthusiasts it was a good couple of days to get out and photograph the odd workings.

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