Monday, 16 December 2013

First's repaint scheme accelerates

News from First has confirmed that a new policy within their repainting scheme has been put in place which should help speed up the process. Each bus that is transferred between two seperate departments now have to be repainted before entering service in their new home. This is the reason why ex-Eastern Counties Geminis 37156-37160 were repainted before being transferred to the Potteries. The policy does not apply between depots of one department, for example a transfer between Norwich and Ipswich.


  1. So now Essex has split from Suffolk and Norfolk again I presume that when 30887 goes from Ipswich to Braintree it will need to be repainted before it goes?

  2. That sounds about right,all the Basildon stuff that arrived at Ipswich should have had the TLC treatment before they ventured this way,they were in a poor way,and most had to have lots of money spent on them,and what did Basildon get,new buses,where was the justification for Ipswich to lose 2 B7RLE's to Colchester,when they could have had 2 of their L94's back,it is typical of what has been happening with Essex against Fec are we now the poor relations.

  3. Apparently that was the deal for Colchester agreeing to let 32655/6 go to Ipswich - they would only accept 2 B7rle's in exchange. We'll gradually see the rest of them filtered off I expect. How First expect to compete with Ipswich Buses whilst diverting the better vehicles away from the town beats me!


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