Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fleet News ~ First

First in Norwich have found a replacement for their six Optare Solos. They currently have twelve brand new Wright Streetlites on order for Eastern Counties, with the other six going to Yarmouth. It is unknown which buses they will replace in the coastal town. The buses should be at the depots and ready for service in September next year. Thanks to First for the continious updates.


  1. Possibly replace Ex-essex darts maybe?
    And will be good to see these around! :)

  2. I hope not, I like the Pointers! I'm hoping they'll displace the remaining Renowns (if they're still there by then), if not, then the Jersey darts can shift. The people of Yarmouth really dislike their tiny size!

  3. Yeah, ikr! Although i love the jersey darts they don't seem to have much power, and there is no leg room. I had my knees on the top of the chair once cos I couldnt get my legs in the gap :L have to sit at the back on them on the fire door side- If the seats free that is :/


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