Monday, 2 December 2013

Fleet Update ~ First

Contributor Syd Eade has been in contact with me with some updates from vehicle movements at First.
At Lowestoft, 32656 AU05MVA has been withdrawn and was expected to be collected by Ipswich today. This was thanks to the arrival of X2 branded Gemini 37567 AU58ECF last week. 

Ipswich ALX400 30887 W742DWX is in fact still in use and may be transferred back to Lowestoft for a few weeks to cover on X2 services currently run by on loan President 32202 LT52WTG from Yarmouth.

A huge thanks to Syd who has also enabled us to provide you with his detailed First Eastern Counties and First Essex fleet list. This can be viewed by clicking here


  1. The fleet list is hosted on Roy Northcott's East Norfolk Bus Blog. the full site can be viewed at and is available as a link here as a result of co-operation between the two blogs.
    One amendment I missed has already come to light, 60864 was burnt out recently, and its place at Basildon has been taken by 60866 R644CVR.

  2. 32202 was on loan yesterday and worked the X2. She was due to return today

  3. I think she did. Not sure but I think I saw her on route 8? Don't quote me on it though

  4. thanks syd found the updated fleet list extremely helpful clyde

  5. thanks syd found your updated fleetlist very helpful


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