Tuesday, 10 December 2013

UPDATED ~ Fleet Update ~ Norfolk Green

You may remember back in May when we reported a fire at a bus depot in Cornwall. Western Greyhound lost over a third of their fleet to flames that were started deliberately late one night. An amazing response to the disruption took place with operators from all over the country sending buses to help out the company in their time of need and two operators from Norfolk took part in this. King's Lynn based Norfolk Green sent three of their Solos to assist. 601 Y54HBT and 604 Y58HBT still operate in their old colours. 610 YG52DHL however has now joined Western Greyhound on a permanent basis as bus no. 810 and is the third bus to be given their revised livery. She is seen here in the yard in Summercourt earlier today. Thanks to Western Greyhound for the permission to use the image.

Anglian also sent three buses, all of them were step entrance Beavers, which suited the Greyhound fleet as a large proportion of their fleet is still made out of these. Only one remains though as the other two were scrapped and used for spares to keep the automatic bus in service, has now also received their green livery. She is seen here still in her yellow colours as 213 T400CBC in St Austell, Cornwall back in August this year.

Western Greyhound 810 operating under Norfolk Green's name in Newquay back in August

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