Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Times of old...

Enthusiasts were treated to a blast from the past today as recently transferred Plaxton Paragon 20514 WV02EUP was used on the X2, still retaining her X1 excel branding. I certainly never thought that I would ever see a coach working the route as they were withdrawn from the service quite a few years ago.

Here she is seen becoming rather full at the bus station this afternoon without a working destination screen. Sister 20515 WV02EUR was still on use on the X1 shorts today.


  1. 20514 returned to Great Yarmouth later the same evening, and has now been replaced at Lowestoft by 20515.

  2. Spotted 37569 on the X2 for the 25 past 1 from Norwich. I didn't realise that it had arrived, must be a sneaky bus. John


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