Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

First of all I'd like to wish all our readers are happy and prosporous 2014, I hope you all had fun last night and are still capable of reading the blog this afternoon!  The new, more visual fleet lists are now online, and the operator pages have been updated with photos. A newer logo is also now featured on the blog.

Meanwhile, I was off to Yarmouth on my way to a friends house for a 'gathering' and I decided to divert through Lowestoft to see if I could spot a Suffolk Norse vehicle operating the 107; a route they recently took over from First. It only runs three times a day so my timing had to be perfect. Unfortunatley, I arrived about an hour early after a smooth ride on First's 37565 AU58ECD on the X2, and I was greeted with a site that resulted in me sprinting down the road with bedding in hand to photograph X2 branded Gemini 37567 AU58ECF working the town service 101. I have only ever seen two deckers on the route in the last year, 30887 W742DWX and 32651 AU05MUO before it was repainted. 

About twenty minutes later, my patience was rewarded with the appearance of one of Suffolk Norse's Enviro300s on the 107. Its a nice change for passengers who have been used to the small Darts with only 30 odd seats, whereas these buses are usually used on school services and have 60 seats. This is accomplished by having three seats in one row on the left, and two on the other. I must say the bus did look rather empty with only three passengers on board!

So for me it was a good way to end the year and with Stagecoach's recent appearence in the county and First's repainting scheme starting to accelerate I am hopeful that this year will be even more eventful than last! Keep up the spotting and enjoy 2014!

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