Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fleet Update ~ First

As ever, it seems to be rather busy with fleet movements at First at the present. But thanks to my contacts at the company I hope to keep my readers just as up to date as I am!

The first thing to report is that 34109 W436CWX is the only Olympian to remain in service from that batch. More importantly, 34110 W437CWX and 34111 W431CWX are expected to depart Great Yarmouth rather soon to be modified for training uses and to receieve a much needed repaint into a special 'training livery.' I was very interested when I heard about this and my research has coughed up this image of a bus that is used in Leicester under the name of "FirstTraining".

© Paul Turner
First have not yet received the drawings for this special livery and therefore I cannot confirm that this is what they will look like when they return. The others are expected to remain in reserve at Caister Road.

To make way for the Olympians when they return, the training coaches have already begun to be withdrawn. Both 20109 N609APU and 20128 P768XHS will no longer see service in the region which leaves 20122 P732NVG covering both Norwich and Yarmouth. 20515 WV02EUR has also returned from Lowestoft and was back on X1 shorts yesterday.

66168 W368EOW is currently on a month term loan to Essex.

The long awaited return of 33423 SN60CAA is now iminent as she is due an MOT at Caister Road on the 16th of this month.

In Lowestoft, the final ex-X1 Gemini has returned from Full Circle and has since entered service. 37571 AU58ECV completes the batch. The Suffolk town's fleet is now step free as both Olympians have been withdrawn, and they are left with only three Plaxton Pointers as 43461 R461BNG, 43463 R463CAH, 43478 R478CAH and 43487 R687DPW have also been withdrawn.

My thanks to First for the update.

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