Sunday, 26 January 2014

Stagecoach begin to leave their mark

Just over a month since it was announced that Stagecoach had taken over King's Lynn based independant Norfolk Green, the buses have begun to have a small sentence being applied underneath the fleetname which says "Part of the Stagecoach Group". Below is how it looks upon Enviro400 10055 SN13EEB.

Fleet numbers are still to be updated (if they decide to do so) and legal lettering is still to be updated.


  1. Stagecoach fleet numbers aren't going to be applied just yet, and are being used for official purposes only at the moment - so referring to them by their NG fleet numbers is still a correct thing to do for now.

  2. Hi Damon, as they are the official numbers, we will refer to the buses by them


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