Monday, 10 February 2014

Fleet Update ~ Sanders Coaches - UPDATED

Previously unreported on the blog is that Sander's new route 42 commenced on Monday this week to indirectly replace Easton's Door to Door service 25. I was waiting at the bus station to photograph ex-Anglian OmniCity 315 YN03UVT operating the first service however the destination screen had malfunctioned and it passed me saying "Not in Service".

There had been rumours going around that the bus Easton's used on the service was going to be transferred to Sanders along with the new route and today it became apparent that this had indeed happened. Dan Whiting was positioned on Castle Meadow this evening and photographed YN08HXZ working the 44 to Sheringham, and later return2layerroad on flickr photographed her working the 5 to Holt.
© return2layerroad
The Scania CN230UB OmniLink bus has been numbered 321 and I have been made aware that she may follow in the footsteps of OmniCity 313 YN03UVM and be given a wrap advertising North Norfolk rather than an immediate repaint. This is still being discussed however personally I think she would look great next to 115 YR10BBO in a matching paint job!

Thanks to return2layerroad for use of the photograph.

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