Monday, 17 February 2014

Saturday with Sanders

Saturday saw me venturing up to North Walsham from Great Yarmouth on Sanders' number 6 to see what I could find at their depot in the town; but first I had to get to Great Yarmouth. I decided to go via Beccles to see if I could find a Great Yarmouth Gemini on the X2 in the short time that I would be there before catching Anglian's 81 service to Yarco. 

What I found however was a completely empty bus station, bar the anglian Lolyne that is used daily as a driver shelter! I was rather disappointed by this but when my 81 turned up, one of First's "Great Yarmouth" branded Geminis (37578 AU58EDJ) appeared behind it, closely followed by Anglian's 229 X229WRA with a missing panel that was blown off by the wind. Furthermore OmniCity 462 YN03WRJ arrived on an inbound 89 service! A route usually operated by Solos. Unfortunately, due to all the buses turning up at once, there was little time and little space to take any photographs but I managed a few.

not the clearest of destination screens, but it's on the X2 none the less!
Excitement over, I arrived in Yarmouth and borded Sanders 320 YN57FWH at the Market Gates which arrived at the North Walsham depot shortly over 75 minutes after it left, where I was greeted with a range of different vehicles. I headed straight to the corners of the yard where a Northern Counties Palatine 2 was still situated alongside a withdrawn VanHool, whilst at the otherside was Optare Delta 502 S156JUA and one of the Arriva liveried ALX200s.

502 S156JUA with a visible reminder of the last route she ever operated on, sits next to the Arriva ALX200
Thanks to Sanders' large network criss-crossing North Norfolk, I was able to get straight back to Norwich on their 55 service. 

So to conclude, disappointing circumstances in Beccles forced to become rather annoyed, but the afternoon saw my day improve. I'd never been to any of Sanders' depots before, and I was really pleased with the amount of vehicles in the yard for a mid afternoon. Its definately well worth a visit. 

Thanks to Sanders for allowing me inside.

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