Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fleet Update ~ Konectbus

I had heard that ex-Anglian Optare M950SL Solo 952 AO57BDY would be entering service today after being repainted into konect's fleet livery. And so, camera in hand, I headed up to the city earlier than originally planned to allow myself an hour to hunt the bus and to my joy, it was the first konectbus I saw! I photographed her on St Stephen's street to begin with, but thanks to the fantastic weather, alongside the shiny new paint job, it ended up with the rear end of a Plaxton President reflecting across most of the side. This prompted me to sprint all the way to Castle Meadow for another attempt, which I am pleased to be able to display below.

Elsewhere, FirstGreat Yarmouth's two new arrivals have entered service. Both 32062 W422SRP and 32063 W223XBD were noted on the 1s on Friday, with a third (32061 W221XBD) arriving at the garage yesterday. (32061 W221XBD).

Today, 20514 WV02EUP and 33423 SN60CAA were on rail replacement duties in Norwich.

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