Monday, 28 April 2014

An Interesting Morning

When I first arrived in Norwich this morning, I was not expecting to come home with something worth blogging about. I think the only thing which I didn't spot today was FirstNorwich's newly repainted B7L 66332 MV02VBX which was the main reason that I ventured up the city in the first place!

An excuse to post a photo of 33423 SN60CAA comes in the form of the Great Yarmouth bus operating the 0650 Norwich Fast X2 service pulling into the bus station at 0813 this morning. This particular service runs to the normal route until Worlingham, where it skips out Beccles with the next stop being served in Hales. The sight reminded me of Steve's Bus and Train Page when he posted about a driver who kindly displayed a few of the more unlikely destinations for the vehicle.

I then ventured to St Stephen's to try and spy the previously mentioned 66332. I didn't. But what I did see was Konectbus Tempo 410 YJ57EGX working the 51. Although this isn't as rare as the above, I still feel it worth mentioning. I then got on my bike to head up to Thorpe Marriott on Marriott's Way, which was the first time I had used the cycle track. It didn't disappoint! With terrain from tarmac to mud and concrete to pebbles with views across the countryside I didn't even think about how tired my legs were getting. That was also helped by witnessing some of the more inconsiderate cyclists who don't slow down for pedestrians, one of which ended up on the floor after nearly hitting a dog. My GoPro wasn't recording at that time though, always the case hey! Anyway, after an uneventful journey back to the city, I was thrilled to see Simonds' new MCV C122RLE BU14EGD working the 1 to Diss. Currently wearing a plain white livery, it is expected to receive their fleet names soon.

With no sight of 66332, I went back to the bus station to catch my bus to college and suddenly noticed that the Konectbus Gemini present was one of the ex-London ones. 512 LB02YXA was operating the 1150 number 3 to Watton. The bus has retained it's advert frames so Konect have applied a comparably small fleet name just behind the driver's window.

So a good hour or two to say the least, but I hope to have a photo of 66332 for you at some point this week! Wish me luck.

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