Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fleet Update ~ Anglianbus / Konectbus

Anglianbus Scania N230UD OmniLinks 550 AO57EZM and 552 AO57HCD have had their 588 route branding removed, although they both retain the route destinations as they are still used on the direct replacement; service 88. 550s rear advert wrap for Bussey's has also been removed.

553 AO57HCC has returned to service following repairs after an accident last week and was working the 88 today.

550 lacking her Bussey's wrap and 588 route branding
On the Konectbus front,  951 AU07KMK has re-entered service after having her vinyls applied. She was working the 50As today, and something worth noting is that rather than remove the advert frame, Konect applied the rear fleetname above it. Especially odd due to the fact that 'konectbus' is actually shorter than the width of the frame and would therefore fit inside it quite easily.

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