Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Fleet Update ~ Anglianbus

It was reported elsewhere that one of Anglian's MAN EcoCity buses had recently undergone repairs which resulted in all the window vinyls being removed. I was out spotting yesterday morning and photographed said bus 102 WX62HHF on Castle Meadow picking up passengers for Yarmouth. It was rather dismal and slightly damp so the photo quality wasn't great, so I was more than happy when I saw the same bus pulling up this morning. Or so I thought. It turns out, that 105 WX62HFU has also had all of her window vinyls removed, apart from the rear advert (unlike 102). Both buses were the only vehicles to carry the "Love Clean Air? So Do We." wraps so if you hadn't yet got a photo of that particular advert, then I'm afraid it's too late.

105 still retains her rear advert, unlike 102 (below)

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