Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Depot Visit ~ Anglianbus

Every time I visit a company's depot from now on, it shall be under the title format above. This should make it easier for you to search for previous posts! Anyhoo, I've been making the most of this recent glorious weather by getting out and about on my bike and today was no different. I headed up to Beccles early this afternoon to see what I could see at Anglian's premises on Beccles Business Park.

I was mainly aiming to photograph the recently transferred Tridents from Konectbus 722 W822NNJ, 723 W823NNJ and 725 W825NNJ. Although I have photographed them working for the Dereham-based company before, I like to photograph buses at all their respective owners; so in future I have a full record of where the vehicle operated in the area. 

Thanks to the staff from Anglian who always allow me access to the yard, though today there was a bit of hesitation due to the fact that someone else had already been there a few hours before. They thought I was a bit crazy at first coming twice in one day, but once it was established I was a different person my wishes were granted. 

The first thing to report is that MAN 18.270 EcoCity 112 AU13FBL looks like the next bus to have her window vinyls removed. When I arrived, she was parked in front of the garage with the main wrap gone, but still retaining her less-obstructive side writing. I guess the latter was removed after I had left, due to her positioning in the yard.

112 now missing window vinyls

As far as ex-Konectbus Tridents go, despite it being sunday, 723 was no-where to be seen! I can't imagine they would press her into service when there are plenty of other available deckers in the correct livery, so I'm not sure where she was. I did check Beccles Bus Station too as sometimes a decker is used as a driver shelter but again, no sign of her. Sisters 722 and 725 were present, and I managed to get some half decent shots of both.

now Anglian owned 722 still retaining her Konectbus fleetnames

I then moved on to the back of the yard, where Anglian keep their withdrawn buses awaiting collection to their new homes, whether that be the scrap yard or another owner. The first thing I noticed is that after a period of about 17 months, burnt out Optare 228 X228WRA was gone. It caught fire on the way back to the yard in January last year. In its place, was recently withdrawn 958 AO57EXA. This bus faced the same fate as 228 but this time caught fire whilst in service on the college service 68 in Filby last week. Photographically, I have to follow the same rules as when posting about 228 and therefore will not be posting a photograph of 958's extensive damage as it's currently undergoing investigation. 

955 looking in a sorry state

Another Solo present was 955 YN57HPZ. This particular example seems to be loosing more and more parts each time I visit! She now sits with no windows, hardly any panels, nor engine. (see above). Interestingly, she also now lacks seats. This helped me see what one of my dreams might look like, which is to buy a bus and convert it into a campervan. 

 the elements begin to take over the vehicle with a large puddle present

a surprisingly spacious interior once you knock all the seats out!

ex-Brighton & Hove Tridents 711 T811RFG and 713 T813RFG both had parts missing, including glass from the upstairs front window, whilst Excels 216 W216PRB, 217 W217PRB and 218 W218PRB joined 229 X229WRA at the depot also.

So although I didn't manage to see everything I wanted to today, I still think it was worth a visit. For the record, I have never had an issue gaining permission to enter Anglian's site. As long as you have a hi-vis jacket and good manners, you should be fine.

Tomorrow I'm off a bit further away than usual after accidentally booking train tickets (don't ask me how), but fortunately for me there are buses there so I shouldn't get bored! There may even be enough for a post about it. 

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