Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rare Spots ~ April '14

Welcome to the fourth edition in our new series, and for the second time running 33423 SN60CAA is in the limelight. As widely reported on the enthusiast blogs the Great Yarmouth Enviro400 saw service on Lowestoft's X2 route for the duration of a week. During this time, she was snapped many times by myself and other spotters alike. A fantastic excuse to show arguably First's best looking bus on the blog once more.

33423 departing to Lowestoft from Norwich Bus Station

Keeping with First, I was recently chilling in the city centre on a routine casual bus spot when I saw a Purple Line branded Plaxton President climbing St Stephen's Street. Assuming it was on the 36, it took me a second glance to realise it was working the Gemini 2 dominated Blue Line service X25 to the University. I have captured the spare Presidents working this route before, but never a coloured one.

33163 LR02LXZ passing a Sanders' Solo on the recently acquired ex-Neaves service 32

Now we move onto Anglian, and more specifically my local route; the 84. As reported once before, the route used to be dominated by two particular Solos (960 and 961) but since the recent service changes it's seen the likes of OmniCitys and Streetlites which have been pushing the Solos onto other routes. Upon hearing that Excels and even gas buses had appeared on the route during the evenings, I couldn't contain my excitement! So when the clocks went forward I took the opportunity of the new found daylight to take my chances spotting them. I was rewarded with 216 W216PRB on the 1750 from Norwich followed by 109 AU62DWC.

a new liveried 216 pulling away on The Street in Hempnall 

for this shot, I thought I'd try something different resulting in a blurred 109 passing the war memorial

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