Friday, 6 June 2014

Fleet Update ~ FirstIpswich

Clive Nixon over on Ipswich Bus Blog has information regarding the latest developments at FirstIpswich. Firstly, Volvo B7RLE 69009 AU05DMX has departed for refurb and repaint. More notably though is that four Enviro200s have been confirmed to enter service next month. Ex-Clacton 44516 YX09ACV, 44517 YX09ACY, 44518 YX09ACZ and 44519 YX09ADO are 27 seater buses currently in the old livery but are expected to be repainted and refurbished before arriving at Ipswich.
Some of this batch have been earmarked for Norwich as well, however it remains to be seen when or if this will happen.
69009 working service 60 to Gainsborough last year
It has also been revealed that 32479 AU53HJV shall be repainted into Ipswich's heritage livery. To find out which that is, click on the link at the top of the post to see Clive's post.

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