Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sanders' ex-Isle of Man Deckers: Photo Special

Further to our report about Sander's announcing the new registrations of their two ex-Isle of Man deckers, I was later informed by them that both were out in service on the X44 today. This was the first time they had been out in public service and I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph them on such a day.

Right on queue, 107 PM03EHR pulled up to the Surrey Street bus station, ready to work the 1230 service to Sheringham. She looked splendid in her new paint job and the interior looked rather luxurious too. One hour later, sister 108 PJ03EJC also turned up ready to work the 1330 service. After photographing the outside, I was kindly invited inside to photograph the interior before any of the passengers boarded to allow a nice clean shot. 

Thanks to Sanders for directly informing me of which service the buses would be on and for allowing me onboard to photograph the interior. 
108 departing to Sheringham 'via Aylsham & Cromer'

A rear angle shot of 107 as she also departs the bus station Sheringham-bound

Downstairs interior of 108

Upstairs interior of 108

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