Tuesday, 1 July 2014

UPDATE: 84 to Hempnall! What?! Take the X1?!

Thanks to Chris Speed at First, and Gerard on the X1 blog who explains that a bus was despatched from from circle yesterday after minor repairs; the driver taking the scenic route back to Norwich. To see his post, please click here.

At around five o'clock this evening, I was casually pulling into Hempnall on my driving lesson when I suddenly noticed a big blue bus coming towards me. Fortunately for me, my instructor is also a bit of an enthusiast, and we both instantly recognised the X1 Excel Enviro400 as it whizzed past out of service. 

This was a strange occurence due to the fact that there are no First garages anywhere near here. I have never seen a First bus in Hempnall before and I am not aware of any training routes around these parts. The third odd thing was that the driver didn't seem to be wearing any First clothing; no shirt or tie, nor hi-vis! Just a plain black tee.

So basically, if anybody has any idea why an Enviro400 would be knocking around Hempnall then please do let me know.

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