Monday, 28 July 2014

BorderBus Fleet Numbers Confirmed

Thanks to BorderBus, we can bring you full details of BorderBus' fleet numbering. The list is as follows:

101 BB14BUS at EATM's Hop On A Bus Day
101 BB14BUS
102 BB59BUS
103 BB09BUS
104 BB62BUS
105 BB07BUS
201 X641LLX
202 X643LLX
203 X647LLX
204 X662LLX

There are a few aspects to the way the fleet has been numbered that remind me of the old AnglianBus. Management have chosen not to start numbering from the number one rather than zero at the end and there seems to be no particular order regarding the age fo the vehicle. Thanks again to my contact at BorderBus for the continued updates and support with the blog.

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