Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fleet Update ~ Anglianbus

Anglianbus have once again updated their online fleetlist today, and I happened to be out and about to witness some of the changes. There are now sixteen buses with the new fleetname on, however not all are out in service yet.

I headed down to the depot at Ellough after being advised that the first StreetLite had been done; and after a fifteen minute walk I was greeted with the site of 351 MX60BWK gleaming in the sunshine. Once again I had no problem gaining permission to enter the yard and so I also managed to snap a shot of 959 AU08GLY who is yet to see service in the new network alongside 960 AU58AKK, also now wearing new fleetnames (as reported on their new fleetlist). 
904 with new fleetnames
Something to note however is that despite that list, both 902 YN04LWP nor 906 MX53FDP does not have the fleetnames just yet, whereas 905 MX53FDO does.

Also not yet mentioned on this blog is the withdrawal of Dennis Trident East Lancs Lolyne 715 T815RFG, alongside both Optare Excel's 216 W216PRB and 229 X229WRA. The withdrawal of the Optare's is because they are now surplus to requirements.

902 without new fleetnames
Thanks to Anglianbus for allowing me to take photographs to publish.

To see the official fleet list, click here.

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